Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some new Positions

Short ES
Long FAZ
Short GS
Short POT
Short SPY FEB 114 calls *
EDIT: forgot to list the SPY Feb 113 put

Those calls will be turned into something else later on. Either call spread or butterfly, want to see if we get back to 1110 and will figure out there what to do.


  1. stops at respective daily highs and lows.

  2. well looks like this was wrong again. Quite frustrating - FAZ stop hit, still in the other positions.

    Lucky for me I am keeping things rather small but it seems the market just wants to keep on making new 52 week highs on a daily basis now =)

    Oh well - got to get back to picking stocks and FX instead of "banging my stubborn" head against the SPX wall ...

    Seeing this rally here towards the close is bullish and should continue with more upside yet again.

  3. closed the majority again. Looking to get out at the end of the day again. Short term still looking bullish here. Not going to risk it with a close at those levels.

  4. my first 2 trade days of 2010 - both down. Lets get those loosing days out of the way fast hah