Monday, June 28, 2010

Strong Push lower?

Overnight activity was quite telling last night - the fact that we stopped at Fridays high and are now moving lower again should give us more visibility for today.

Scenario 1) rally out of the gate breaking 1079 ES by 10:45-10:55AM. This is for a short term bullish scenario towards the 1088 ES range with a potential to move a bit higher. This could be a nice setup to close the monthly chart for July for a BIG move into august.

Scenario 2) Sideways consolidation until early afternoon between 1070ES and 1079ES. This is the setup for a break of Fridays low today with strength and ready for a move lower towards our previous lows. If this occurs today we should see some consolidation after the sell off for 4-5 trade days with a 30pt range and a fast move towards 1008 either late this week or early next week. This would be the setup for our two bearish scenarios posted from last week. A break of Fridays low and we are almost guaranteed to visit 1008SPX.

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