Friday, February 19, 2010

Just went short

Full position. No stops yet but mental of course above 1118 SPX


  1. not good enough lol ... all the way back up. have not taken any profits yet but stops inches away at break even.

  2. will just let it stop again ... so 1118 next target.

  3. considering we have huge odds for another sunday night run up - no sense in keeping them here with such a high chance to get a better entry.

    It will keep on going until it doesnt - will this sunday be different? not sure, but looking at the odds - sure in the bulls favor and a gap above 1118 will get us back to 1130. So the risk for being short here is just too much (probably what everyone else is thinking with the buying/covering into the close)

  4. one day I will learn how to make money lol - have a good weekend all and see you sunday night.

  5. i kept my short. thinking i could get out sun eve, if it goeds wrong way. just a gut feeling , we test 1195-85 on monday.

    everyone is now certain of 1115. which may happen but from 1195 taht will be impressive bull mania will continue

    i expect panic sell next week 1050 or more fwiw

  6. sam, to be honest, I am thinking the same thing, too many are expecting the sunday night ramp up jobs.

    However, I am a broken bear, most of my trades this year have not worked very well so I am staying small and low risk. I'll try to post some more charts tomorrow - both bullish and bearish.

  7. SPX cash 15 or 27 is the projection of all bear blogs. Obviously bulls are eating it up too. We could begin leg C on Monday

    think at least globex should scare bulls and confuse bears. maybe repeat of Friday play.

    Or a reverse of Friday play?