Friday, March 20, 2009

Watch for small bounce ...

3 accelerations of the down trend. Should be getting a small retracement here of 10 points. Important to see how it retraces, lots of sell volume here.


  1. do you mean a 10 point bounce up or down from 768?

  2. I was expecting a bounce of the 769-771 range for 10 points to get back to previous trendline (number 2) but we are currently continuing downwards. Should stop at 763-764 now.

  3. I was busy most the day today. Still holding firm on shorts (possibly like a stubborn moron). I refuse to cut bait unless we blow through 805. I might lighten up a little monday, depending how the day unfolds -- in order to save a little extra gunpowder for another bounce. In all honestly, I still feel like all senarios are on the table. Yet another wild week to add to the books! Have a great weekend everyone. I'll see you all back on the field come Monday.