Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One last push left in it

Ok get ready for the last burst up here. Double top on NQ and 1008-1009.25 on SPX. Will initiate a small short there. If we don't get there thats fine too. Not going to chase it.

May also do a small SRS and SKF position as well.


  1. wow guys take a look at IYR on the 1 min chart.

  2. so all the bears get is a 5 point push back to VWAP and thats it. Amazing market, almost predictable.

    So who is a buyer at 1000 SPX? Looks like it will never get back below here.

  3. Yes, very weird since 1:00PM. I was wondering who thought that was it, but I'm only glancing at charts every 10 min or so as I'm working on other projects.