Thursday, October 15, 2009

No major updates yet

Still extremely busy with work. I did take a small ES short position yesterday around the close. We have a bit more earnings to come for this week so lets see how that will drive us.

And congratz to anyone long on Dow 10K. Quite amazing.


  1. Finally ready to short. I plan on shorting between ES 1001-1003 if reached for a 30 point pullback to support at 1071.

  2. long time no talk =) .. I got a nice entry early in the morning at 1095 =) Still looking to get out of my other puts (deep underwater at this point lol)

  3. stopped out of my 1095 ES short. Kicking myself again for not covering ...

    it seems short trades are dead. At least did not loose anything on this one but still frustrating after having been up for almost 20 points. Target on the trade was 1069 - just off by a few points.

  4. So Chris, how does this look to you?

  5. Whats Next just posted at my blog
    MY Scientific resources indicate the mkt will
    give it up on
    OCTOBER 22,23rd & 26th