Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Simple Question: who else is tired of this market?


  1. I know I am talking to myself here, but I honestly am "disgusted" with this market. My inability to make a trade work has gotten the better of me.

    Its one thing being able to control and minimize risk and drawdown but you have to make money. Its just not happening - it seems a battle for me to "not make money". I mean really ... the frustrating part is that I am following my system, doing all the proper rules for entry, stop management, etc. And the market seems to know exactly what it is I am doing just to take me out of a trade, no matter how great the entry may have been.

    Its my one year anniversary of "my largest personal wealth reduction" ever incurred - and funny enough its not really affecting me in a negative way until now. I reviewed my trades over the past few weeks and I am just in awe at the fact that no real money was made. Sigh.

    Rant over ... no one wants to read rants when many seem to have problems and drawdowns.

    Chaugner Out !!!!!

  2. *raises hand*

    Got a mental stop in mind if this crap still continues.

  3. I'm not tired because I stopped trading it :P

  4. good move hah. Was just reading this link that someone posted on ES.


    "being on the sidelines is a position too"