Monday, March 1, 2010

X - Short

Also took a short in X - filled the GAP here @ 54.50. This is just a short term position, with a fairly tight stop, it had quite a run up today so rather not stand in front of that except at serious resistance.

Entry is 54.47 =)


  1. I'm starting to really hate this market. I took out almost all my longs last week thinking the market was going to tank and now it seems like it's unstoppable. I'm still short from around 1100. I took a hint from ung too, I got out of that with a loss as well after it made all time lows :(

  2. Ryan,

    you are not the only one trust me. I do not enjoy this anymore, I mean yeah I do, but its SOO frustrating to trade at the moment, It is very difficult to get positioned on either side - short or long, at least for me even playing short term.

    Think about it, we have been in extremely narrow range for the past 6 months, thats got to frustrate anyone, bull or bear.

  3. FYI - got out of my ES position break even lol - yeap