Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EURUSD - really?

Well, my previous post had some ponderings about this specific currency pair. As hard as it may be to stomach for my bearish fundamental views, I just took a long position here. This position is a bit larger compared to my usual FX based trades. Multiple stops with furthest below 1.30 which will be protected quite a bit. On breakout/reversal I will add more to the position but lets see first how it develops.

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  1. well scaled out of that one a bit. Really did not expect such a drop today, on the sidelines still. Its funny, just mid last week I was saying to short between 1201-1206 with stop above 1212. Boy that would have worked out if I had followed my beliefs. But we all know how that goes, would have could have should have. My overprotection is probably a good thing until the market has decided.