Friday, July 2, 2010

Back again

Looks like the LOD was just made. A break here and we go down strong but very low probabilities. I added a tiny bit on the long side here just now at ES @ 1011.50 but stops at break even for this chunk.

1:14PM: need to take out 1016 in the next 8 minutes. Look for TICK to get confirmations

1:35PM: market struggling here to confirm the LOD. Lower volume on selling now so thats positive but need to get above 1016 to keep this protected.

1:48PM: next target now ES1020.50

3:27PM: off by half a point lol. Closed the longs from earlier here. Keeping everything entered yesterday.


  1. Chaugner: Have a good Fourth! (Lots of World Cup next 2 days. My bro and his family are in from London and glued to the TV.)


  2. heya Newman, yeap just got back from the game. Was secretly cheering for Holland but down here in Miami a lot more Latin influence so I had to be a bit quiet =)

  3. Germany playing tomorrow ... thats going to be an exciting game for sure.