Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special Event: The big one

Well, as my longer term readers remember I capped my trading capital back in Nov 09 due to "stupidity of my views". So far have only used funds once half a year ago with a failed attempt. I am dipping into this account today and will place some bigger long orders likely at the close. I have a decent enough buffer from my other accounts that went long at the bottom today but will be committing a large amount of my funds to a long position using various instruments (primarily ETFs).

Trigger for me to buy is a positive close so if we see green today - I will be buying.

3:41PM: will hold back on big positions. Not as clear anymore as it was earlier, I know we could rally big from here in the last 15 minutes but I am not convinced.


  1. Chaugner-- Very nice blog you have here. (Tracked you down from TTW).

    Thanks for sharing your insights.


  2. P.S. Really like your SPX chart. Very nifty trend lines.

  3. thanks newman and welcome =). I generally post a lot of my views over on TTW but for special cases I put em here as well =)