Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Balanced Gap-less cash only hours

Sometimes I like to play around with the GAPs a little bit to focus on what I consider "balanced cash only hours" - meaning for every GAP higher, balance out the chart with the GAP lower. Looking at our GAP and chop zone above 108 SPY we had 3 gaps higher and 3 gaps lower. I am only using the significant gaps here not every day. If you were to reverse those based on the number of gaps in this zone you get the following chart.

So even with the GAPs removed this is one ugly looking chart but also a great indication of whats going on in terms of buyers and sellers. So lets take a stab at it.

1) there do not seem to be any new buyers
2) there are no sellers either

So what is it then Chris? if you know the answer please let me know because I have no idea how this will resolve. Anyone who is trying to make a call here - be my guest and assist us in trying to figure out how this may resolve.

The point I am trying to make - we HAVE to wait for a breakout before committing to any side here.

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