Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A quote from a fellow blogger

If you follow mole over at evilspeculator (not just because he is german too). One of the readers just posted an interesting comment.

"Tops tend to be processes while bottoms tend to be events."

Comment made by "bubble jeopardy".

Great stuff !!!


  1. stopped out again EURUSD ... lots of updating to do on the positions sheet tonight. All red trades for the day.

  2. Not much action lately but still here reading ya Chris

  3. yeah I know, its been difficult being a trader. I hate this scalping and short term trading to be honest. Well do not hate it, just don't enjoy it.

    I think that towards mid jan we should get some better opportunities to get positioned to make some money.

  4. Chris, glad that you fixed your website. I sent the message thorugh twitter.

    Oscar is caaling for down from low 1100 to 1070. he has been hot lately fwiw

  5. may look for a long here shortly.

  6. Hi Chris, still lurking around, just haven't been doing much. Still been holding on my longs. Got greedy and should of got out earlier but I might as well keep holding now.

  7. hey Ryan, yeap its definitly looking like we have a good chance at more upside. We may retrace a bit more but I think 1082 is a bit too strong and we see a retrace back towards 1100 at least.

    It may overthrow the 1082 during intraday but should recover that before close ... whether its today (do not think so) or later this week.

    We are still within our range - and have not been able to even try to attempt to fill the gap that got us into this range here.

  8. some EURUSD too (but small position)