Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Micro = Macro

The funniest thing just happened to me while watching the 1-min EURUSD chart on my current long position. I almost crapped myself when looking at this chart. Look at the similaries of this 1min chart compared to SPX 2 year daily chart. Its looking like we are up to July now on the last peak of EURUSD. I know its not the same, dont get me wrong but the similarities are amazing. Lets see how this one plays out in the next 60 minutes and we should know where SPX will head till march? quite funny.

FYI - the 9:00AM zone looks just like that 880 failure to go higher back in July - the one that cost me a LOT of money. Maybe its those horrors from back then that play with my mind ....


  1. long ES (only one contract tight stop)

  2. ok great price action at the open here and very telling. I do not think we will see much of a GAP fill. So positioning now for me is short but still in scalp mode. Will not hold anything longer then I need to.

  3. stopped out of long EURUSD as well.

    -$125 on FX
    -$150 on futures today

    Both long attempts. Sitting out rest of the day most likely.

  4. long EURUSD again - last try. Too strong of support down here on FX.