Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Made up for slacking today ...

As I did not have much time during the day today I figured I post up some more updates here.

Just some Random charts and observations
How the futures fooled me today
More Taunting
Holy VIX Patience

Trade Patterns
RSI trend confirms
Five 15-min bars


  1. Thanks for providing this info; I read your blog daily, and it gives very good insight! I was long until last Thursday, then switched to short. Steve

  2. Thanks for the feedback =) Good move on the long/short switch there. Seems you caught the perfect top on both sides of the trade. More then I can say for myself =)

  3. Unfortunately didn't make a lot of money on the long side; rode FAS down (then back up) from 12 in January, and escaped at break even, whew! It beats losing money though. Steve

  4. well, getting break even out of FAS/FAZ definitely is a good thing. While they seem tempting for trade vehicles I have resisted on those.

    FAS/FAZ is just like options, you have to be right on price and time. Rather pick those targets myself for specific stocks.