Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Step away from the computer Sir !!!!

License and registration please.

My trigger happy day trade account shows total insanity. Take a look at those stops =)

Just cut the mouse cable in half ...

I am not really sure what happened in the past 2 hours. I guess its the one day of total trading rule regression I get once a month - its out of my system now so lets make some money. Lucky for me it was just some toe dipping but man was this painful especially seeing where we are selling off to now.

Talking about chasing a trade here ....


  1. partially in .... hate to admit it heh

  2. I bought july spx puts. with stoploss. some srs and sds

  3. Even CNBC's bullish person is worried. this was his comment last night before today's drop.
    whatever this is worth. you can imagine bulls frustrations. Greed turning into fear soon especially for new bulls.
    From Twitter

    A viewer tweets, “Is Tuesday's spike in the S&P 500 [.SPX 893.06 -17.27 (-1.9%) ] just a spike or the beginning of a new rally?”

    I don't think this is the beginning of a new rally, replies Guy Adami. I think we're toward the end of a existing one.