Thursday, May 21, 2009

Site Problems

I have been having some site problems due to the twitter gadget. Temporarily removed until I can figure it out.

Problem was related to Internet Explorer somehow.


  1. it is working now. thanks. I now see why people blog. itis a good therapy.. this is what i posted in older thread.

    Thanks Chris. I too got out 50% at 887 and 50% at 881. Hope to get in with better entry. I still lost because of funny FAZ and SRS acting. But stomach this loss, knwoing that better direction is ahead. I might wait for 875-866 to break and buy SDS at higher price than go through torture of fear of SPX 1000. MMs have damaged our psyche and it is a sign of top. One hopes Bulls are fearless.

    would like to know your view of the better entry points. Got SSO with tight stops at 881. Let us see if it pays off.

    A quick question? You said that you have one button to close all open positions. which platform do you use. Schawb will not let you do that and it takeds time to close different positions.

    thanks again for great work. Chris

  2. we will get a better entry trust me =) No more graphs tonight though ... I am mentally drained from this week. Such a roller coaster ride ...

    Going go-kart racing tonight to let off some steam =)