Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twitter Updates

Ok I have not been as active on twitter recently, so I wanted to get some feedback from my twitter followers. My initial intention was to use it primarily for pattern updates and possibly positions. At this point the primary use has been longer term positions and not day trades.

I have no problem posting whatever is going through my head but it may hurt some followers if they use it for trade advise or strategies.

So from your perspective - what do you like seeing or prefer to see / not to see?

- mid and long term position entries
- day trades
- random thoughts about market moves

For day trades please understand I will not be able to post stops/exits and position management in real time but it may be helpful to see when I am planning a short term entry. Who knows ...

Any comments on this would be appreciated !!


  1. Great posts Chris... working overtime for your peons. :)

    As for twitter, I think long, mid, and short term entries are nice. If you spot any intra-day patterns, you could post those as well. Random thoughts may be better in the blog.

  2. Hi Chris, Sorry for the delay in responding, just managed to log-in.

    Regarding twitter, i would love to see what your Short and Mid-Term entries are. I am happy to refer to your blog for the Longer Term outlook because you usually give a detailed anaylsis for Long Term. Investing in puts?, futures? etc? is well beyond my level so as a basic investor in stocks i would find Short and Medium Term on Twitter to be very helpful for me.
    Thank you