Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exit all by hand

Sigh ....


  1. FYI
    From Doug Kass
    Memo to Jim "El Capitan" Cramer:
    Unless I am misinterpreting your comments, Jimmy -- you cant have it both ways.
    You can't admire a strong close but disregard a weak one -- from my perch!
    Again, I see the makings for an important top at these levels.
    Away from my fundamental view of a vulnerable consumer (and the specter of higher interest rates, a surge in energy prices and rising tax rates which argue in favor of a 2010 double dip), it remains my view that the U.S. stock market is ahead of the real economy and that the recent ramp has discounted the short-term production boom I discuss in today's opener. Technically, the foundation of the Nasdaq -- that you admire -- are increasingly unsound, and the index appears to be rolling over.
    Finally, the leadership and breadth are narrowing.
    Position: None

  2. where u at chaugs? still hiding under your bed too scared to trade? : )