Monday, June 22, 2009

Short Term Trade

XJZ GL (XLF Call) @ 0.379 / Stop @ 0.27


  1. what kind upside target you have in mind? thanks

  2. 0.70 by tomorrow mid day or I am out =)

  3. Thansk. are you still looking for 905-908? I think we may see 875 today --tomorrow befroe we rally significantly.

  4. anything is possible. Either way, I do see us back above 900 at some point. Question is whether its this week or if we go lower first.

    Not going to play it strong either way yet, neither long or short. Dipping my toes in the water on both ends here, short and long side but will only play longs with tight stops and small capital.

    Based on what we are seeing here we should be closing at the lows (and possibly make a new low for the day) - however, I do expect quite a bit of short covering here and some GS pushing to try to close this above 900 and play it off as a reversal into the close. If I were GS, thats what I would do =)