Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick Short Target Update

Just a quick update. Looking for SPY to hit around 92.37 to possibly scale into more shorts.


  1. 92.31 HOD thus far ... sorry for being off by 0.06 hah

    not sure what to do quite yet. Still waiting on confirmation before committing on the short. Potential to go higher to 922-924 SPX

  2. ok staying put here until we hit 92.79 before making a move. While I could scale in here, rather wait and try to catch it afterwards to attempt a better price.

  3. Baba, down day at the close and early morining thursday. then a rally. let us see, if my gut is right.

  4. sama m- why don't you just flip a coin to see whether you should be long or short. : ) Trading off the gut will send you into the gutter.

  5. they really want this to close in the green today. As mentioned yesterday in the comments, most likely scenario is a narrow spinner =)

    I was really "hoping" to hit my targets today in terms of shorts. We did manage to get to the first, but was a bit too scared I guess to commit myself with more then I already have.

    Lets see what the 3:25PM mark brings us. I do not think we will see a crazed sell off. Maybe a few points but we should be closing today BARELY in the green for some overnight push up.

  6. chaugs you still hiding under your bed? Get some confidence and start trading!!

  7. I am trading. Currently a total of 20 positions. All bearish. Mix of tech, real estate, financials, services, and commodities.

    Not quite ready to commit the big bucks quite yet. Still keeping myself busy with some day trading.

    Also, all positions are still in the greens contrary to what I had expected yesterday. Have a nice buffer now all the way up to 937 before I have to consider closing.

    Have a dinner tonight so may not have time to do a detailed review. Dinner means wine, and more wine which also means I will probably not going to be able to get out of bed by 6:00AM again to do my market review.

    I'll try to post up something though as we are currently at an important point here. If you remember my comments yesterday we are setting up exactly as I had anticipated with a nice spinner. Not having been able to take out 918 is a great sign for the bears - however, OPEX week plays tricks on everyone. Not the best week to be trading.