Friday, June 5, 2009

Running late ... sorry

Comment holder for today =)


  1. So close to joining the bears -- I can smell it. Not quite yet though. Lightening up all longs going into weekend, and possibly legging into fractional position shorts later in the day. Good luck to all.

  2. yeah I have been very patient all week. Did not even short a new high when we hit 950. Thats a first for me. Always short a new high.

    We have 2 scenarios today ..

    1) make the GAP stick as low of the day (2-3 pts off) and stepping day to close at the highs.
    2) sell off in the morning towards 946-947 and re-attempt the high to fail

    This is very similar to monday this week today. It is my feel we will not get a stepping day today and see a bit more sell off and a fast reversal if we end up getting to 964.

  3. look a the dollar. Try UUP ... nice breakaway GAP there.