Friday, June 26, 2009

The one I keep on trying on

Take a look at DTG. This is one that will be ripe for the picking once the markets make a move. I have been trying to short this one for the past 3 weeks without much luck. Lucky for me the stops were easy to be managed so losses were minimal.

Once the time comes, this one will be going south FAST. I am still amazed it made it this far here.


  1. Afternoon Chris; not looking like we're going lower today...any thoughts; also, have heard th term "GS" in these message streams...what is that? Thanks....Steve

  2. Yeah I am expecting more upside until Monday/Tuesday next week.

    GS = Goldman Sachs, the market manipulator =)

    There is an interesting article floating around on the web in regards to that. Great read - I'll look for the link later.

  3. I heard today about it on msnbc. major allegation in rolling stone magazine. it may pick up some heat. bottom line every one is scared of GS --president, senators, congress, other banks etc. It is a god father of the world. they were able to get 100% plus profit from AIG--bilions.

    chris you are right not much on down side until July 1.

  4. Thanks...sometimes we (I) overlook the obvious. Steve

  5. yeap that rolling stones article. Google it for the link =)

    If we get back to the 930 range by tuesday. It will be a PERFECT case.

    1) end of month window dressing
    2) head/shoulder on the daily
    3) 5 minor waves up off the 888 low
    4) Completion of major wave 2 (888 low to 930 as a 61.8% retracement)
    5) spinning monthly candle (do not care of its red or green)

    As a result, we will get 2 strong monthly bars down completing a full 5 wave down move with an approximate target zone of anywhere from 780-741 by the end of august.