Monday, June 29, 2009

In Short Target Zone

ok sorry for all the posts with little content. At this point we are hitting our target zone and should have a high probability for a test at the 930 range.

I will re-add shorts with 40% exposure and will enter my first short via futures here as well.

Will post updates as I take positions but wanted to make everyone aware to look for updates soon. I have 2 time targets 11:45-11:50AM or 1:25-1:35PM.


  1. what a trade range. Feels like 1:00AM in the mornings on a "normal" overnight session.

  2. what is your view now. think we have seen the HOD or still expect rally around 1:30 PM? Thanks.

  3. quite honestly. No clue, this range here is very very surprising to me. Chart is saying more upside (no sellers), but not sure what to make of this.

    Very low volume (short week) so we may just see this being pushed up all week without any stop in sight.

    But no idea to be honest ....

  4. Chris, I should of took your advice and hedged myself on my UNG play but now I'm getting smacked :( Are you still planning on coming back to go long?

  5. Ryan, it happens, and hindsight is 20/20. its very difficult to trade from a down position as emotions play with your mind.

    "I was down 20%, now I am only down 5%, just another 5% and I am back to break even, why would I want to sell now/hedge against that other 5%".

    Whenever I am in a down position, ask yourself, if you "HAD" to make a trade from scratch with said equity etc, how would you play it? Straight long/short or hedged as short term targets could offset your long term exit plan.

    From here, not sure how I would play UNG, I may try the 14.00 again but the risk for <13.50 would be a bit too much, will wait here before making a decision.

  6. ok not doing anything. Waiting for tomorrow before opening any new positions here.

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