Friday, June 26, 2009

Missed UNG

Just an update on UNG. I had been trying the long play here a few times over the past 2 weeks. My final target was 13.85. Unfortunately the market will not make it easy for any of us. Low on wednesday was 13.95.

I may give this one a try again next week as its a bit too late to join the game here. Anyone still holding UNG (Ryan I hope so). Good job =)


  1. Hi Chris, I'm still holding on! I was going to buy another lot at the 5.65 range on hnu which would have probably been around your final target on UNG but it never got there. I bought my first lot pretty high so still in the red. I hope holding will pan out!

  2. try to be cautious. If you are at a comfortable point in terms of losses now, MAY be a good idea to take some off to minimize risk or add a hedge here (some puts) or another hedge such as a oil/natgas short to protect yourself a bit better.