Thursday, July 2, 2009

898 Level

Ok this is going to be important and quite difficult for me to figure out what to do going into the weekend. Add some hedge or not? that is the question.

I am quite loaded with shorts at the moment (started to add more during the day today). For now I am good till around 912 to get back to break even on all those positions.

Will figure out what to do in the last few minutes here.


  1. I bought soe spx puts at 898 to hedge. we may close around 902-903. holding my shorts for next week

  2. heh just did something similar. Added some SSO to my shorts.

  3. sold long at 900 for small gain

  4. we may gap down on monday and the move may take us to 886 before any bounce, which may remain below 900. also added shorts at 900. only two pints bounce in the whole day. i was stupid and lucky to scalp on the long side. it did not go above 20 DMA.