Wednesday, July 15, 2009


There is not much more to say. Take a look at some of those charts. SRS and SKF on the daily - wow.

XLF, SPY, everything looks severely - well lets say like a healthy market =)


  1. thank god you are talking to the new Chris now. the old Chris would have been adding shorts all day in the disbelief that we should be reversing soon.

    Still cash ... still waiting. Though my itchy fingers are asking me if I want to short the close here =)

  2. still in cash 95%. bought vix call this am and worked out well. here is blurb from Cobra few days ago when market did fall: now it will 8 out of 9 market will fall tomorrow. or is it going to be 7 out of 9?

    "I see reversal bars everywhere so the market may continue to rebound tomorrow. As mentioned in the After Bell Quick Summary, when both VIX and SPX were up on the same day, 7 out of 8 times recently the next day closed in red, so my best guess is that tomorrow we could see an intraday rebound in the morning then eventually closes in red

  3. I would really love a GS stop sweep attempt at the close as I have quite a few ES shorts above the high of the day without any stops =)

  4. hoping to hit at least 2-3 orders. Remember 2 months ago the friday with the 10 point move in one minute? Please redo that again =)

  5. I felt lucky for some reason today. We all will be looking back at this day for many months to come. What better way to remember this then put some money in the casino.

    50 x S&P Dep Receipts [SPY] Jul 89 Put

    Paid 6 cents for them. No stop of course =)