Wednesday, July 1, 2009


SRS @ 19.07
SKF @ 41.24
SWG SL @ .7625
SWG TL @ 2.1
ESU09 @ 927.25

Tight stops on all of them. Small positions.


  1. not looking like a drop here. Moved all stops very close with MINIMAL risk on capital. Probably in the area of 0.15% risk here for great gains.

    If this is not the top, trying the same again at 937 SPX which should contain this beast.

  2. stopped out SRS/SKF
    closed puts
    closed futures by hand

    made some lunch money =)

  3. Chrsi, I looked at your chart. i agree that by July 9 we will see a major low. some pain along the way. if you are short at this level the pain is minimum

    what is your today's projections? think we have seen HOD?

  4. Chris, INMHO, tomorrow is the best day to create short position. Monday will seem to be too late. we may see tomorrow 933-945.

  5. Chris; you up yet? Did you sell your shorts or are you holding? Steve