Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vaction time

as mentioned in the comments. I closed out the remainder of my shorts with a loss of course. While it is possible that we could go down from here - the bull flag is scaring me a bit too much.

Now that this bear has "given up" its time for the much needed correction lower and the resumption of the bear market =). I think timing wise this would work out amazing. Of course I will be kicking and screaming but I am sure I am not the first that has done this.

Though do expect updates from me about my views on the market after this week is over and lets see where we will turn next after this move resolves to either the up or downside. It seems there is a lot of tension in the market at the moment and its getting ready for a big move this week.

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  1. Hope all works out for you. and hope to read your blog regularly.