Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What will come .....

Well we got this month what I was expecting to happen the last month. Now I know I should never ever massage charts and data BUT the first day of May we rallied with a close at 907, the last day of May we closed at 918. IF and ONLY if you take this into consideration - that means we have 2 spinning monthly bars. Lets forget about that for a second and go with the base chart.

I circled the instances when we had a monthly spinner - as you can see we had an amazing range to follow the next month. Now there was one occurrence with 2 monthly spinners - you know what happened next.

I am not saying this will happen here - and quite frankly I CANNOT see the market giving us another STRONG monthly up bar here. Yes all of this is further justification for my bearish views that now have been proven wrong for .... wait for it ... wait for it ... 4 MONTHS !!!!

I am 100% flat at the moment just pondering what I am going to do with the money in my account - I vote for a totally crazy time in Vegas OR get that Porsche I always wanted .... maybe even open up a bar in the Caribbeans ... who knows. All I know is that my money is not very happy with me on the buy/sell trigger =)

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