Sunday, November 8, 2009

Looking for 1071-1073 prices during overnight session

Will initiate shorts around those levels. We are at quite an important turning point here at the moment - while every day is important in the markets - I think the next few days may give us some clues on the longer term direction - I will post up some more details tomorrow.

Will let you know if I take any positions tonight via futures ...


  1. limit orders set at 1071 and 1072 at the moment. Stop at 1074.50.

    lol as I was typing this got my first fill at 1071 =)

  2. this one here will either be a GAP and run for tomorrow - or a failed overnight breakout attempt that should reverse back and open below 1063 ES.

  3. also looking at entering a EURUSD short there as well. This is looking rather tasty - and no I am not just randomly shorting here because I am bearish (or the bear is back in me).

    We have a very low risk trade here with a tight stop =) and great rewards.

  4. added first part of EURUSD short here. Will be adding more if we go high with stop a few pips above the high of the week last week.

    Will post all average prices after I am fully in the positions.

    ES @ 1071
    EURUSD @ 1.49036

  5. keeping my positions as is - only 1 contract on ES @ HOD with stop moved to 1073.25 and 2 EURUSD.

    Still looking for a lower open around 1063 ES at cash hours.

  6. Thanks for the updates Chris

  7. just woke up .... to be quite honest - thats not what I expected as you can see =)

    got stopped out of both positions - reshorted again for a quick scalp. Will update positions once I get to the office - 2 more loosers.