Friday, November 20, 2009

No update today

Sorry - work again. Only thing I can say - another 10 point gap lower wow. 1082 is key today.


  1. See this?


  2. I wish I would not have been driving this morning at 7:00 lol should have set my limit order before I left home ... sigh (yeah hindsight - do not like being away when a trade is being filled anyways so its ok).

    And wow on that dollar trade. I got to tell you, the dollar is going to see a huge turn before this year is over. I know I was wrong with expecting a turn 2 weeks ago when I was assuming an imminent change in the dollar. I guess its not time yet ... did you see the xtrends post yesterday?

    scary very scary ... all it takes is one big dollar bear to cover here. I date to say this short squeeze on the dollar will be even more amazing then the last 9 months rally.

    And thank god I hedged yesterday lol