Friday, November 20, 2009

Online Portfolio tracking

I have to admit keeping track of my trades via HTML is quite cumbersome. You guys know any web based portfolio trackers (one that also works with futures and options) so I can list my trades there instead? It should be able to be linked somehow so I can link it on the blog itself.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  1. another long here - scalp as well (still in the old one)

  2. I'm using pretty noob tools.... as in Yahoo, Google, MarketWatch, Stockcharts....

  3. closed out 1, still got the other one going.

  4. thanks, will give those a try see if those are good enough. I tried some a while back and none of them supported futures (which is a lot of my trading)

  5. closed another one ... letting last one ride into 1095 hopefully.

  6. all out not tempting fate here ....

  7. Good call Chris. I too went long at 1086.5 and out at 1091. learning to take little profit at a time. two days in a row in green small amount but it builds confidence. trading rules work. stoplosses work. No get rich quick methods work.

    thanks for your posts.

    For next week I see rise up to 1100 and then test 1076

    after that one school of thought is move to 1198 by mid december and then four months of decline to 550.

    would love to know your take.

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