Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A rare treat

I am gloating quite a bit at my EURUSD trade here. I always try my best to nail entries and exits. Many times (especially when it comes to FOREX) I try one position many times over and over as the leverage is quite high and things move rather quickly. In the past 8 trade days I have tried 6 long attempts with EURUSD, 2 small loosers, 2 small winners, 1 break even and one winner. Now that winner here is probably one of the best trades I have had in a while when trying to capture the absolute maximum of a trade range.

Great entries at the bottom and well the exit speaks for itself. Yes do not get cocky Chris but its nice to have something work for a change. It seems changing over to my old trade system with trying to capture much smaller trade ranges has done quite well for me thus far.

I have a new post ready that I will be posting up tonight with some more info on what I am doing at the moment. Other then that, this one will get printed out and put up on my wall for how to do things correctly. Maybe this is just the confidence booster I needed to get myself back in the game correctly.

In regards to this position, I still feel there is more room to go on EURUSD but as mentioned in the comments - locking in profits feels nice =)

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