Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not much to say today

Pretty much what we expected with a corrective move - we made a marginal new high but remained in a tight range most of the day - the close is quite classic for a distribution day -0.01 for SPX.

I stayed out of trading today, tried one scalp but exited within 15 minutes at break even price. I had added a small chunk of puts but waiting on the last position. Those I will most likely add above 1115 SPX only.

As I am typing this I am seeing some big moves after hours (at 7:18 which is a bit odd). Printing 5+ pts above close price around this hour is not all that normal. Going to have to figure out what happened here.

The amazon short I had taken is at the edge of my pain point. 133 price target is my current mental stop from an average of 126.50. Lets see how that one plays out.

Hope you all are doing ok. Say hello every once in a while ... I am feeling lonely =)


  1. Excellent stuff. Thanks!

    Chris, you are not alone, there are many people like me reading your blog everyday, we just don't reach that level to join the discussion yet. Keep it up, please.


  2. yea Chris... I'm sure there are many like myself (lurkers) here at your blog!